Size Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive Size Guide, designed to help you find the correct measurement for your jewelry wear.


Determining Your Ring Size

Here are some simple tools so that you can easily find the size of your ring.

  1. Print this page: Print this page on an A4 size sheet of paper. Ensure that you set the “Print to scale” option to “No” and select the portrait format.

  2. Choose your reference ring: Select a ring that currently fits your finger comfortably and is the ideal size for you.

  3. Align with the circles: Place your chosen ring over the circles provided below. Match the inner edge of your ring with the circle that best corresponds to its size.

  4. Select the larger circle: If your ring closely matches two circles, opt for the larger one as your ring size.

Please note that our studios are always open to you, and our team is available to assist you in finding your perfect ring size in person.

Alternatively, take a piece of string or a paper strip and encircle it around the widest part of your finger. Then, mark the precise point where the string or strip forms a complete circle using a pen or pencil. Lay the string or paper flat on a surface afterward. Employ a ruler to measure from the end to the marked spot you’ve made. Utilize the provided table below to compare your measurement, enabling you to determine your ring size accurately.


Determining Your Bracelet Size

To find your bracelet size, print the wrist measurer on an A4 sheet of paper (with “Print to Scale” set to “No” in landscape format), then cut it out. Wrap it around your wrist, considering that bracelets are thicker than the paper measurer, which may make the size seem smaller. To compensate, add half a centimeter or a centimeter to your measurement. Compare your result using the table provided. 

For a precise measurement, visit us in our studios. Keep in mind that the thickness of the bracelet may make your size seem smaller, so consider adding half a centimeter or one centimeter if in doubt.